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About Us

When you have a camera and a laptop, you can work from anywhere! That is the best part of working as a small business owner and Marketing Director

Our Story

I started my journey as a travel journalist and blogger who transitioned into the marketing and event management field.

I specialize in travel, entertainment, food, special events, and products where I can take your company to the next level. From website design, brand identity, social media management, special events, and more, we thrive on quality work at an affordable price!

We are driven by values

Family is everything to me, and I see my clients as part of my family. I thrive on providing excellence at an affordable price where you can grow and we can build a long-lasting relationship.

Family is everything to me, and at J Mayhew Marketing YOU become part of MY family!

Super Efficient

Quick turn-around, low overhead cost, and a perfection-driven mentality keep us one of the best marketing agencies in the area!

Deeply Committed

When you turn a passion into a profession, you never work a day again! I love what I do and it will show!

Highly Skilled

With 20 years of social media marketing and special event management skill, we will bring you value and ROI to your business.

Jason Mayhew